The BCS Middle School program is specially designed and structured to move students from their elementary school experience through to the realities and rigors of college preparatory high school. Our middle school graduates are regularly accepted at the top college preparatory high schools in the San Gabriel Valley, and many of them enter high school with academic honors and qualifying for numerous honors courses.

That said, BCS understands and appreciates the challenges of being a middle school student -- not only academically, but emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Our middle school teachers and support staff not only see their role in preparing students for their academic future, but they are also passionate about their role as mentors and examples of living a life of Christian faith and Christ-centered excellence. While our immediate academic goal is to prepare students for success in college preparatory high school, our overall vision for our graduates is to lay a solid foundation of Christian faith and character that will ensure success in life and enable them to positively impact their home, their community, and their world.

6th Grade Course Description

6th grade is a transitional year for BCS students. The core subjects of language arts, science, history, and Bible are taught in a self-contained classroom by a single teacher, similar to the elementary grades. However, 6th graders will switch to other classrooms with different teachers, sometimes joining the 7th and 8th graders, for other subjects and activities, such as math*, PE, chapel, and other enrichment classes and extracurricular activities. This allows our 6th grade students to phase into the transitional nature of our middle school in which students switch classes and teachers for each subject.

7th Grade Course Descriptions

8th Grade Course Descriptions

The middle school program at BCS is designed to prepare students for the rigors of college preparatory high schools. Students will transfer to different classrooms with different teachers who have a passion for and a dedication to their particular academic disciplines. All courses (except math) are taught in a block schedule format, which not only allows teachers the opportunity to spend more time on a particular lesson when necessary--such as a science lab project--but also requires the students to be especially disciplined and organized with their time. 

BCS Middle School
Math Program

BCS offers five levels of math between 6th to 8th grades, each taught the same hour each day. This allows students to be placed at a level appropriate to their math ability, regardless of their grade level. This not only allows for remedial opportunities, if necessary but also allows students who excel in math to advance.

Math 1

Math 2




Enrichment Classes

BCS offers Middle School students several enrichment courses including fine art, illustration, Spanish, graphic design, ukulele, speech, creative writing, singing ensemble, music appreciation, and drumline.  These courses are offered on a quarterly basis, letting the student experience a visual art, communication art, and a musical art course throughout the school year.

Extra-Curricular Activities

BCS middle school students may participate in competitive sports, including boy's flag football and girl's volleyball in the fall, and girl's and boy's basketball in the winter. Other extracurricular activities may be offered as there is interest, such as choir, chapel band, art, and instrumental music.