BCS Distance Learning Plan


  • The start of Bethany Christian’s 2020-21 school year will be remembered for years to come due to the unique circumstances we all are finding ourselves in due to the COVID pandemic.
  • More than ever before, in the hearts and minds of the BCS staff and administration, it’s with deep anticipation and joy as professional educators and Christ-followers to fulfill the mission of Bethany Christian School: to partner with parents to educate, develop, and nurture STUDENTS for a life of Christ-centered excellence in academics, Christian character, and servant-leadership.
  • Due to the requirements set down by the LA County Public Health Department for all public and private schools in California on the monitoring list, BCS students in 1st-8th grades will start the school year engaging in Distance Learning (Phase 1) until public health authorities provide us clearance to return to in-person instruction (Phase 2).
  • Our BCS team have been working diligently on developing this Distance Learning Plan with intent to reconnect BCS student body relationships, rebuild community, provide support during this uncertain time, remind our students of the Lord’s comfort, peace, protection, to communicate the truth of His word, establishing balanced norms, daily engagement with peers and teacher while imparting academic instruction with excellence and sensitivity within our Distance Learning model.
  • In the days and weeks ahead, as we navigate with you these uncharted waters as to what is the best and/or most effective Distance Learning educational methods, technological tools, and/or schedules to follow, Bethany Christian, being a smaller school family, commits to you: a partnership of flexibility, welcomed communication, consistent feedback, and customization as to what works best for each grade levels’ students, parents, teachers and community as a whole.
  • Thank you for continuing to partner with us as we journey through another year to LIVE with heart, to LOVE with honor, to LEARN with habit, and LEAD with humility.


  • Back-To-School-Orientation Meetings
    • Dates: T/W/Th, September 1-3
    • Times: To be determined by teacher survey
    • Who: Parents and students will meet the teacher
    • Purpose: to become informed about the Distance Learning components, Google Classroom, class expectations, curriculum, class schedule and so much more.
    • Where: in-person on campus in cohort family groups or via Zoom
    • Details: forthcoming


  • The Great Welcome
    • Date: Tuesday, September 8
    • Time: 8:30-12noon (Arrival times will be assigned)
    • Who: Students and Parents
    • Where: BCS campus carline parking lot
    • Purpose: to welcome our new and returning students and families
    • Dress: BCS school uniform
    • Details: forthcoming
  • The Great Welcome will mirror this past June’s last day of school event, The Great Exchange. On the first day of school, dress in your uniform, take those first day of school pictures, then drive to school with your family as you usually would on the first day of school, except you’ll be saying hi to your friends, teachers and staff “carline style.” When driving through the carline, you will be picking up items such as: textbooks, workbooks, instructional kits, Chromebooks (if assigned one), along with any other grade level materials needed to start the year.
  • More importantly, the BCS teachers, staff and administration look forward to seeing each of you and your family in person in the social-distance manner so we can say,”Welcome to the BCS 2020-21 Year!”


Distance Learning Instruction Begins

    • Date: Wednesday, September 9
    • Time: 8:10am Link open to log on
    • Who: BCS students and parents
    • What: Morning Muster - Welcome and Prayer
    • Where: Link will be sent out
    • Purpose: Community Connection
    • Dress: School Uniform
  • On the first day of Distance Learning, students will log on at 8:10am, be dressed in their school uniform ready to start the school day as if they were on our BCS campus.
  • Dr. Walner and Mr. Northrop, will lead us in our first Morning Muster, starting at 8:15am, then Grade Level Class Meetings will begin at 8:30am.
  • Over the past several years, Bethany Christian has come to be known as a nurturing community. It’s our desire to begin the year making every effort to help our students and families rebuild relationships, welcome our new students, get to know one another, assess student learning needs, while establishing procedures and training for Google Classroom and the Distance Learning tools. Our teachers will be taking the first weeks of school to develop these relationships and routines, along with beginning academic instruction in a balanced and engaging approach.


  • What’s New and What’s the Same?
    • Students in grades K-8th grade will use Google Classroom as their Learning Management System. Students can log into Google Classroom from their device using the Google Chrome browser.
    • Google Meet released newly enhanced Distance Learning features tailored for the teachers’s online classrooms.
    • Online instructional, practice, and assessment programs will stay the same:
      • Renaissance Learning: STAR Early Literacy, STAR Reading, and Accelerated Reader Program; Handwriting & Keyboarding Without Tears, IXL: math & language arts skill practice website, YouTube, Read Theory, Epic, and Rockalingua.com for Spanish. These are some of them, but not limited to.
  • What does the Distance Learning school day consist of?
    • Synchronous Learning Time or real-time instruction: when the teacher meets with the class online.
    • Asynchronous (Personalized) Learning Time: when students work independently, in small groups or 1:1 decided upon by the teacher.
      • During Asynchronous (Personalized) Learning Time, student(s) can check their weekly/daily lessons and agendas, set goals, complete assignments and projects, work in assigned small groups, engage in Enrichment classes and assigned activities.


      School Day Schedule

    • Students are expected to attend school Monday through Friday.
    • In accordance with new Department of Education legislation, the Distance Learning ending times for the student’s school day have been adjusted for 2020-21.
      • Elementary School: 8:15am - 2:00pm
      • Middle School: 8:15am - 2:00pm
    • When we are released to return to in-person learning on campus, the school day will revert back to the usual 3:00pm dismissal time.
    • Note- Weekly Grade Level Schedules are forthcoming.

    Instructional Minutes

    • Instructional Content Shift- Due to the Distance Learning instructional nature, a considerable shift in how academic content is communicated, and more notably, being reasonable as to the amount of content that can be absorbed by our students has been taken into consideration.
    • Screen Time- Based on the age and developmental stage of each grade level, screen times required for Distance Learning will be scheduled in a balanced and age appropriate manner.


    • How will attendance be taken?
      • Through various methods such as: Completion of a daily assignment on Google Classroom, Google Form or a visual check-in.
    • When will it be taken?
      • Every day in Kindergarten-5th grade
      • In every period in grades 6-8
  • Monday-Thursday Schedule
    • Open to revision based on communication with families
    • Students will be expected to log on in school uniform as follow:
      • 8:10-8:15am- Log on
      • 8:15-8:20am- Morning Muster: Preschool-8th Gd
      • 8:20-8:30am- Ready self for Start of Class
        • Organize and gather books, materials, supplies, and water at your designated work station/desk.
      • 8:30-9:00am- Daily Grade Level Morning Meetings
        • Teachers will determine the exact time frame.
        • To communicate the daily schedule, announcements, community building, expectations, etc.
      • 9:00am-2:00pm- A combination of Synchronous Instructional (whole class and small group) TIme and Asynchronous (Personalized) Time
        • P.E. opportunities will occur during the afternoon
      • 2:00pm End of Distance Learning Day
      • 2:00-3:00pm Student/Teacher Office Hours
    • Note- Weekly Grade Level Schedule is forthcoming
  • Monday-Thursday Distance Learning Components
    • Open to revision based on communication with families.
    • Students and parents will receive a Weekly Grade Level Schedule.
    • Students will receive more live synchronous (real-time) interaction for connectivity purposes and more personalized instruction.
    • Teachers will be sensitive to the students Social-Emotional needs.
    • Teachers will be intentional about rebuilding relationships, welcome new students, and get to know one another as individuals who are unique and made in God’s image.
    • Teachers will administer pre-assessments, both informal and formative, to determine each student’s knowledge of the unit/chapter/learning objectives being taught.
    • Teachers will learn about and provide appropriate accommodations for students with learning differences.
    • Parents who have a child with learning differences are encouraged to contact teachers providing them knowledge of known learning needs, strategies, supportive practices and accommodations used in the past that would enhance their child’s learning experience.
    • Teachers will use the first quarter to consistently establish appropriate training for
      • Teaching Distance Learning class/individual protocols and expectations
      • Teaching Distance Learning procedures and routines
      • Training of Google Classroom and instructional tools/apps
      • Synchronous and Asynchronous (Personalized) Learning Time
      • Introduce curriculum materials and online instructional software
      • Teaching identified grade level power standards in preparation for in a balanced fashion.
    • Teachers will provide students opportunities to work in pairs or small groups when deemed grade and developmentally appropriate.
    • Teachers will meet with students 1:1 either as needed, if requested, for instructional support or as deemed necessary.
    • Students will have the opportunity to participate in ACSI Online Student Activities which may include: 1-8 Spelling Bees, 3-8 Math Olympics, 3-8 Choral Festival, K-8 Art Festival, Speech Meet, and 6-8 Science Fair.

Friday Schedule

    • Open to revision based on communication with families
  • Synchronous Community Building Time
    • K-8 Students will log on to
    • 8:15-8:45am- Chapel
    • 8:50-9:20am
      • Elementary- Daily Grade Level Morning Meetings
      • Middle School- Community House Groups
        • K-8 grade Community/House Groups will meet on designated days
        • For leadership development and cross-grade community engagement
      • Middle School Schedule will include:
        • Abbreviated classes in math and English
        • Advisory Period and Individual Work
        • Each middle school student will be assigned a faculty advisor who will meet regularly to help them stay on track with goals and lesson objectives.
  • Asynchronous (Personalized) Learning Time
    • 9:20am-1:00pm
      • Friday is a minimum day.
      • Students and families may organize and use this time as they deem best.
    • Students can use this time to:
      • Finish class assignments, lessons, projects (group/individual)
      • Check weekly/daily agenda and calendar
      • Set goals
      • Engage in Enrichment classes as provided
  • Staff Asynchronous (Personalized) Learning Time
    • Friday’s minimum day reflects time for:
      • Teacher Planning
      • Building Lessons and Tutorials
      • Staff Meetings
      • Professional Learning Communities
      • Professional Development
  • Student/Teacher Office Hours
    • Monday-Thursday: 2:00-3:00pm
    • Friday: by appointment with teacher
    • Elementary School: This is a designated time for parents or students to connect with the teacher for questions or support. Teachers may ask students to meet 1:1 or in small groups during this time if needed.
    • Middle School: This is a designated time for students to connect with teachers for questions, extra help on assignments/concepts, parent questions/concerns, etc.

Teacher and Staff Correspondence Hours

    • Monday- Friday: 7:45am- 3:15pm
    • Emails, calls, notes, etc.
  • Teachers, Staff, and Administration Working on Campus
    • Monday-Friday
      • During the Distance Learning school day
      • Teachers daily will be conducting, designing, and building “live” instruction, lessons, assignments, responding to emails, etc., for each Distance Learning school day.
  • Grading
    • We will continue the regular BCS Grading Policies for the 2020-21 school year.
    • Following K-2nd grades report card markings of:
      • Outstanding (O), Above Satisfactory (S+), Satisfactory (S), Needs Improvement (N)
    • Following 3-8th grades report card markings of:
      • A-F scale