In the spring of 2014, both the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) sent representatives to Bethany Christian School for a four day accreditation visit. During this time, they analyzed the BCS self study and scrutinized the school's program top to bottom, inside and out. Upon completion of this evaluation, the committee gave the following major commendations:

The Committee commends

  1. The administration, teachers, and staff for the demonstration of the philosophy and mission in action by their commitment to Christ, to one another, the school program, and as role models for students and parents.
  2. The board, administration, faculty, staff, and parents for a strong spirit of community evident throughout the culture of the school and thus, providing a solid foundation for the educational experience of each student.
  3. The administration and faculty for teaching the entire school’s curriculum from a distinctly Christian worldview, recognizing that God and His Word is the center of all learning, thus integrating the school’s philosophy into classroom instruction.
  4. The Elder Board, Trustee Board, School Board, and the administration for seamless connection as demonstrated by their passion and commitment.
  5. The teachers and staff for their commitment to model Christ-like behavior with each other and with their students, which is evident throughout the school.
  6. The Parent Teacher Fellowship organization for the re-organization of their own structure, which has enhanced the overall success of not only the academic program, but also the facilities.
  7. The custodial staff for their tireless devotion to the upkeep and maintenance of buildings and facilities.
  8. The students for their enthusiasm in learning, their Christ-like comportment, and their extreme care for each other.