• Foster deep relationships between the parents, teachers, staff, and students of Bethany Christian School
  • Be the volunteer force behind BCS events and activities
  • Provide a forum for information sharing and relationship building
  • Impact the BCS students’ educational experience by providing or enhancing opportunities to support Christ-centered excellence in academics, Christian character, and servant leadership

Spiritual Care

  • The PTF is focused on keeping Christ at the center of all our efforts and learning at Bethany Christian School.
  • Students, families, staff, teachers, administrators, and community leaders are prayed for weekly.
  • Service events involving BCS students and families are coordinated as an outreach to our greater community.
  • We reach out to support the BCS Community by connecting with our families during major life events such as a birth, illness, or loss.

Supporting BCS Teachers

The PTF appreciates the hard work and dedication of our BCS teachers. Each year teachers are supported by two PTF volunteers. Room Parents assist with classroom events and parent communication. STEM Action Team Parents assist with creating exciting and fun hands-on science projects and labs.

Supporting the BCS Benevolent Fund

In keeping with the PTF’s commitment to BCS families, each year 10% of fundraising dollars is donated to the Bethany Christian School Benevolent Fund. This fund provides confidential tuition and/or registration assistance to BCS families in need who have otherwise kept their account current.


Most private schools rely on annual fundraising campaigns to make up the difference between tuition income and the annual operating budget. In the same way, BCS relies on and appreciates every financial gift, large and small, generated through the PTF’s fundraising efforts to fill in this “gap”. These blessings help provide necessary campus improvements and technology updates to help the students of Bethany Christian School flourish. Check out four EASY ways you can support BCS with "Everyday Fundraising".

Our BCS families’ generous contributions have provided a state of the art computer lab, preschool playground equipment, classroom technology, campus bathroom renovation, air conditioning systems, iPads in every PreK & TK classroom, playground structures and sunshade, science lab updates & equipment, school vans, and much more.

Spiritual Care spiritualcare@bcslions.org
Classroom & Student Support ptfsupport@bcslions.org
Hospitality & Fellowship fellowship@bcslions.org
Science & Technology STEM@bcslions.org
Fundraising fundraising@bcslions.org