BCS FAQ Reopening Plan for 2021

As of 12-13-20


  • Under what California guidelines is Bethany reopening?
    • There are three paths to re-opening:
      • The waiver; in LA County, the waiver is for grades K-2.
      • 25% rule, allowing schools to bring 25% of school population on campus; originally designated for special needs and at-risk student, since broadened to include a wider population.
      • The stipulation order granted by Governor Newsom to religious schools
    • Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has limited their waiver program to grades Kindergarten through Grade 2. (BCS kindergarten was able to open under our preschool license which covers children ages two through entering first grade.) LADPH granted a waiver to BCS, effective 11/17/20. Our 1st and 2nd graders returned to campus two days per week for the three weeks of December.
  • If we decide not to return to campus in January, will a Distance Learning option be available?
    • Yes. About 18% of BCS students have opted to continue in distance learning, with the option to change to in-person learning as seats are available.

On Campus Instructional Learning

  • What is Bethany’s plan for January? Will the school resume on campus?
    • Bethany is planning to return to campus in January and doing so under appropriate and safe guidelines from Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. Preschool through 2nd grade classes are all currently on campus. At this time, our plan is to for 3rd-8th grades to return to on-campus learning on January 7, 2021.As with all things COVID-related, this is subject to change.
  • What will the school days and hours be while on campus?
    • On campus hours will be Monday through Friday, 8am-2pm. While we are wanting to return to a normal school schedule, we are being flexible with scheduling and may adjust the time frame as needed.
  • When Bethany returns to campus, what will it look like?
    • All faculty and students will be required to wear masks while on campus. Masks may be removed while eating, drinking, or sleeping. Arrival and dismissal will be modified or staggered to maintain social distancing. On campus visitors will be limited to essential BCS personnel. Parents and guests may make an appointment or call the school office to request entry onto campus. Classrooms will continue to maintain a warm and cheerful environment, while furniture will be organized in a manner that will allow students to maintain proper social distancing as they learn. Students will be encouraged to keep socially appropriate distances while in the classroom and outside. Shared materials, books, and manipulatives will be sanitized daily after each use. Students will remain in their respective class cohorts during recess and lunch, which may be in the classroom or outside. Chapel, school events, enrichments, and athletic activities may be modified and will follow LA County and public health guidelines. It is our hope that Bethany will be able to continue with these activities, however, circumstances change constantly. We are making the necessary changes and adjustments to determine what is possible for the well being and safety of our students and faculty.
  • Are there any new faculty and staff to accommodate the new classroom protocols?
    • Because Bethany is following the protocol guidelines from the LA County Department of Public Health, we are limited to 12 students per classroom cohort. For those grade levels with more than 12 students, we are planning to divide the classes into two cohorts, which will require additional faculty and/or staff to ensure appropriate learning and classroom supervision. These decisions will be taken with the school viability (i.e., budget) in mind.
  • Will there be an option for on campus day care?
    • LionsGateChildcare will be provided before and after school. County protocols require stable cohorts with 12 or less students per adult supervisor in separate locations. These cohorts will be filled and staffed as funding permits.
  • Will students be able to eat lunch in the courtyard?
    • Students will enjoy lunch within their respective class cohorts. Lunches may be taken indoors (in classrooms) or outside in McAndrew Courtyard or other outdoor areas keeping appropriate distance and separate from other cohorts. Recess and lunch schedules will be staggered to balance the use of outdoor space and minimize crowding during passing periods.
  • Will the playground be available for the students on campus?
    • Students will continue to have outdoor recesses on one of our three fenced playground areas. The playground structure is limited for use to students in preschool through 2nd grade.
    • Students in LionsGate after school childcare will have outdoor breaks and playtimes with their cohort in a variety of outdoor spaces on our campus.

Distance Learning Option

  • Once the campus is open, what will distance learning look like for my child?
    • Bethany is creating a daily/weekly schedule for distance learning at home that will reflect the regular school on campus school day. Blocks of times will be allotted for both synchronous and asynchronous (live and independent) learning time, along with scheduled times for breaks and lunches. Students will not be on-line with teachers for long periods of time. Time spent directly on the computer will vary depending on each class. We are planning for key school connection points to be offered in a Zoom format, e.g., Morning Muster and Chapel. The faculty will be using Google suite to organize a variety of learning experiences for the students; this will include Google Meet, Classroom, Docs, and Chat. Other online programs, such as IXL and Renaissance Learning/Accelerated Reader, will be incorporated based on student needs and development readiness.
  • How much live vs independent instructional time will there be in distance learning and what will the schedule look like?
    • This will vary through the week. General schedules and expectations will be provided soon. Students and parents will receive each week’s schedule on the Friday before.

Health and Safety

  • Will masks, gloves, and temperature checks be required on campuses?
  • We will be checking temperatures for all staff and students as they arrive on campus each day. If someone has a temperature of 100.4 or more, we will conduct a second temperature check within five minutes to ensure that the temperature is accurate. If it is determined that the temperature is more than 100.4, the individual will not be permitted to remain on campus. All BCS students, employees, and campus guests will be required to wear a mask on campus. Gloves are not required but will be available upon request.
  • What if my child has a difficult time wearing a mask while in class? Are there any special exceptions for learning disabilities and special needs?
    • Under the LA County Department of Public Health protocols for schools, students that cannot (or will not) wear a mask may not be part of a student cohort, but instead must either work one-on-one with a teacher or learn via distance learning. Unfortunately, because of this health department safety protocol, these students will not be able to participate in the on-campus classes at this time. These students will continue their classes via distance learning with the potential for occasional one-on-one live sessions. Teachers working one-on-one with an unmasked student will have extra protection during the tutoring session. Please contact administration if you have specific questions regarding your child.
  • How will the campus be disinfected?
    • Hand sanitizer stations will be added to each classroom, common areas, and school office. High touch point areas (desks, door handles, bathrooms, etc.) will be disinfected throughout the day. Custodial staff will conduct deep cleaning of the campus after dismissal.
  • What if a faculty or child becomes sick during school hours?
    • Students who develop or evidence COVID-19 symptoms will be isolated in the school sick room until a parent or guardian arrives to pick them up. Faculty and staff who evidence COVID-19 symptoms will be required to leave campus immediately.
  • What is the protocol if a student or teacher on campus tests positive for COVID-19?
    • The entire classroom will be closed for two weeks after a student or teacher tests positive for COVID-19. The school will switch to distance learning when there are multiple positive cases in multiple classroom cohorts. Bethany will contact LA County Department of Public Health as required for reporting, contact tracing, and instructions. Bethany will then determine a plan of action for the infected individual and any other individuals who had been in contact with that person will be based on direction from the LA County Department of Public Health, proximity to and the duration of time that the infected individual spent with other people, and Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
  • Will there be social-emotional support and/ or curriculums that would ease the anxiety and adjustment for students as they return to school?
    • Teachers and Staff will be completing a mental health training to be aware of the anxiety and emotional adjustments that students may be experiencing.


  • What is the best way to get updates or to ask questions and concerns?
    • Bethany strives to have a variety of communication channels available for families. The most up to date information will be emailed directly to families. Text messages are often used as reminders and urgent notifications. School information and FAQ’s are currently being updated on the website www.bcslions.org. To contact Bethany with questions or concerns, please email to bethanychristian@bcslions.org with subject line BCS QUESTIONS.