The Bible is the foundation of the Christ-centered life. Through careful study and memorization of the Bible, we will develop and defend a Christian world-view, identify and live God’s purposes for our life, and grow in Christian character and God’s grace. The fruit of this study will be “that the man of God will be adequate and equipped for any good work”
II Timothy 3:14-17.


Language is recognized as a God given gift. Teaching reading, writing, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary empowers students to communicate effectively with others and with God. Students will have the ability and opportunity to express themselves creatively, preparing them for future endeavors.


Social Studies reveals God’s sovereign plan through humanity’s interaction with nature, social institutions, and community. It is through the understanding of these interactions that students evaluate the patterns of the past in order to work to fulfill God’s Kingdom here on Earth.


Mathematics instruction has four main functions. First, it equips students to function effectively in an ever-changing world by becoming proficient in computation and communication skills. Second, it enables students to understand and apply mathematical concepts in everyday life. Third, it develops higher-order thinking skills necessary to make a contribution in related fields of study, research, and technology. Finally, it clearly illustrates the order and structure of the world God created.


Biblical science is the study of God’s creation. God has revealed Himself in two ways: through the Bible and through creation. In creation, God’s eternal power and divine nature are clearly perceived, and God has mandated that we investigate, explore, appreciate, and care for His creation. In the process, we better understand our Creator.

FINE ARTS (Art, Music, Drama)

God is the great Creator, and creation is God’s artwork, through which He communicates His truth and love to mankind. Mankind, being formed in the image of God and created to give Him glory, is imbued with creativity. Through participation in the arts, students discover their God given creative abilities. They experience God’s truth through the arts and learn to express themselves in their individual artistic talents.


The body will recognize that some will be called as leaders, led by the Spirit. The leader will be one who will use his or her position and talents to help others rather than rule over them. Students will develop integrity and motivation to study and, most importantly, serve others in their community.


Language is a God-given gift which allows us to communicate with one another and with God. Learning a second language helps students to understand their own language better and appreciate other cultures. This awareness helps students respect other cultures, equips students for Christian evangelistic opportunities, and prepares students for bilingual career opportunities.


God has given us the gift of discernment. In order to utilize technology effectively, students must learn to evaluate digital media of the 21st century. To be informed and productive citizens, best fit for service in God’s kingdom, students need to be equipped to use technology wisely, effectively, and responsibly.


Physical activity is a source and expression of joy. Through instruction in organized sports, gross motor activities, and healthy living, students will be given the skills necessary to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.