Middle School

The BCS Middle School program is specially designed and structured to move students from their elementary school experience through to the realities and rigors of high school. At Bethany, middle school is considered 6th through 8th grades with 6th being a transitional year between elementary and middle school. Our middle school graduates are regularly accepted at the top college preparatory high schools in the San Gabriel Valley, and many of them enter high school with academic honors and qualifying for numerous honors courses.

That said, BCS understands and appreciates the challenges of being a middle school student -- not only academically, but emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Our middle school teachers and support staff not only see their role in preparing students for their academic future, but they are also passionate about their role as mentors and examples of living a life of Christian faith and Christ-centered excellence. 

While our immediate academic goal is to prepare students for success in college preparatory high school, our overall vision for our graduates is to lay a solid foundation of Christian faith and character that will ensure success in life and enable them to positively impact their home, their community, and their world.

Middle School Curriculum

This guide includes course descriptions of all classes.

Middle School Math Courses

We offer five levels of mathematics to our 6th through 8th grade students.

Math 1

Math 2

Pre Algebra



To learn more about our middle school program, please call us at 626-355-3527.