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We are excited to welcome our grandparents and special friends to our Grandparents/Special Friends Day 2022. We are happy to announce that we will once again be holding our traditional Thanksgiving Feast at the close of this event.

Please be aware that this time is intended for grandparents and special friends. If you do not have a grandparent or special friend to invite, we would love for your child to have someone there. One option is that our school board members have graciously volunteered to serve as "honorary grandparents" for those families who would like that. You may also have a parent stand in for the grandparent.

Parents and/or non-Bethany siblings who wish to volunteer to serve are welcome to come in that role. We will be sending out a volunteer sign up sheet soon. Please RSVP by November 10 at the latest so we can order the food.

Grandparents Day invite 2022